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The experience

i believe in the power of having your story told.

documentary style images

forged with emotion.

I do things a bit differently.

I want us both to be screaming from the rooftops and doing happy dances in our sweats at home about working together— that’s what you deserve from a photographer.

As a Queer Birth Photographer + Birthkeeper my purpose is to honestly document and hold sacred space for those going through the journey of labor and birth. I don’t shy away from the intensity or process of birth and have found my rhythm in forging every image with the powerful emotions and memories.

My ultimate goal is to show you the profound transformation of your own being through birth.

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how it all works

Let's chat!


Reach out with all of the details like your name, pronouns, estimated due date, who you're planning to work with/where you're planning to give birth etc. After making sure we're a solid fit, I'll send over the contract and payment information.

What's my AVAILABILITY for 2021?

Part of specializing in Birthkeeping means that I only take a limited number of clients each and every month.

We'll meet up in person.


Due to the vulnerability of Birthkeeping, it's super important that we meet up in person and get really really comfortable with being around each other. This is where we really bond and the trust that forms incredible images forms.

JUNE 2021 - 1 space

JULY 2021 - 2 spaces

AUGUST 2021 - 1 space

SEPTEMBER 2021 - 1 space


The pregnancy clock ticks closer to the big day...


NOVEMBER 2021 - 1 space

DECEMBER 2021 - 0 spaces

As the big day gets closer we'll keep in touch, and I'll hear any updates from your appointments or big changes in your life.

When 37 weeks hits, I'll come over to your place, bringing whatever snack you're craving and we'll go over the final plans like who's getting in touch with me when you go into labor, how long I stay and just hang out for a bit. This is also when I go "on call" for your birth until the baby comes.

JANUARY 2022 - 2 spaces

Do you have specifc questions? Reach Out!

After the baby comes


Get in Touch

I'll send you 2-3 images within 24 hours that you can share with friends, family or whomever announcing your newest family member.

Within 4-6 weeks after I'll come over one last time, deliver the printed images or albums from your chosen package (everything else will be delivered digitally the day I come over) and we'll have a bit of time to just process, go over anything and really hold space for the incredible journey we've been on together. I don't consider this a goodbye - I consider it a transformation of our relationship together and I'm always there for you in the future.

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bremerton birth photographer

those sacred moments.

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bremerton birth photographer

Birth Photography

Ready for the details surrounding pricing, album packages and other options?

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Take a look around and really make sure my work resonates with you.

Want to know more about me personally?


You love me, my work makes your heart feel seen and you know I'm the one?

Let's do this thing.